Steelville Telephone has a procedure that is followed whenever repairs are needed:

1. The problem needs to be reported by calling the business office at 775-2111.

2. A customer service representative will take the phone call and do a trouble report on the specific problem. Please give them as much information as possible.

3. The CSR will then send the trouble report back to the repair department who will assign the problem to a technician. Please remember that troubles are answered in the order they are received.

4. If a trouble needs to be reported after hours, dial 611 and the call will be forwarded to our answering service. Depending on the severity of the problem, the answering service will determine whether or not a repairman will need to be paged out. If the trouble is caused by "customer owned equipment", or if only one telephone is out and there are other working telephones on the reported telephone number that are working, the customer will be charged a $23.15 on-site charge.



Most troubles are repaired the same day they are reported. However, if there is an unusually high volume of troubles (usually after a storm), there will be a delay in troubles being repaired.

Most of the cable and drops that Steelville Telephone Exchange installs is buried and underground. This makes it difficult when a homeowner or excavator starts a project that involves some type of digging up the soil and is not aware that there is underground telephone cable. Steelville Telephone Exchange will come out and mark where these lines are at no charge.

WE REQUIRE NO LESS THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE BEFORE DIGGING IS SCHEDULED TO BEGIN SO THAT WE HAVE SUFFICIENT TIME TO MARK THESE TELEPHONE LINES. Failure to call us prior to digging can result in lines being cut which can interrupt telephone service for a lengthy period for a number of people in that area. Without the 24 hours notice, the person or persons responsible for cutting the lines could be charged for the time and materials it requires Steelville Telephone to repair the cable cut.

Under the Missouri State Law Underground Facility Safety And Damage Prevention Law, Section 319.030, it states that every person owning or operating an underground facility to whom notice of intent to excavate is required to be given hereunder through a notification center or directly shall, upon receipt of such notice as provided herein from a person intending to commence an excavation, inform the excavator as promptly as practical, but not in excess of two (2) working days from receipt of the notice, unless otherwise mutually agreed, of the approximate location of underground facilities in or near the area of the excavation so as to enable the person engaged in the excavation work to located the facilities in advance of and during the excavation work.